Lea Bremicker

Lea is married to her best friend Hannes and proud mother to a son and daughter,  Carl and Elise. She has her roots in Germany where she grew up and worked as a photographer, till she and her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona. She is best known for intimate weddings and portraits around the globe which she captures on film and digital.

With every picture, Lea strives to truly tell your story. With every click, she is able to capture her subjects love in a real, authentic and timeless way. She doesn't just take your picture. She doesn't just get to know you. She learns what moves you. With each new wedding comes excitement. She puts forth her full attention in hopes to capture all of the beautiful moments and emotions of your special day.

Lea's work has been featured in top publications; including das Hochzeitsbilderbuch, Marry MAG, Ruffled, Magnolia Rouge, Hochzeitsguide, Lemonade and Lenses, Best of Carmencita Film Lab, 

Latest Publications

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