Sweet little family in the sonoran desert

This family is close to my HEART. She is one of my Besties, my soul mate, my rest area, my second shooter for almost every german wedding, my coordinator, my structure giver and she is just a very special and beautiful person. We have so many similarities (She liked a perfumes, visited me and discovered I have exactly this one) that sometimes I think we must be sisters...

...She lives in Germany and I live in Phoenix.

The wonderful thing is, even when you live so fare from each other, when you meet it is like always, like you have never been apart.

This super sweet handsome cute baby boy was born short after we moved to Arizona and, believe it or not, I saw him the first time here in Phoenix! We discovered, you should never put a teething baby in a light colored shirt for a photoshoot....but anyways, he is the cutest little boy ever! My daughter was crazy for his hair and wanted to touch it all the time. We are all crazy for his hair!

...If you could just live a little bit closer please! 

Desert you have won my heart


She isn't just a beautiful woman but also a very special person to me. Before we moved to Phoenix, she already prepared everything for our arrival. She made everything so beautiful for us, that we all felt immediately a bit like home. She is a mother of 3 precious girls and a wife to a German (she is from Virginia)....and this is so cool! When I have one of my bad english days, we just talk in german or GeNglish. 

It was my pleasure to capture her Portraits in the Sonoran Desert. Actually super near by our house. It is unbelievable....while I was shooting I couldn't believe how surreal this place is to me. Surrounded by cactuses, mountains and the Arizona sun. Surreal and incredibly beautiful. I wonder when the day will come and I wake up and take all this for granted! Okay, I stepped into a cactus (I was lucky wearing my Boots), but it was worth it! This was so funny, there was a woman with two kids who removed the cactus (see photo below) off my boots with a comb.

Now I know what I have to bring to my next desert shoots - because I never look where I go while shooting - a comb! 

Film Development & Scans: PHOTOVISION

Hello from the DESERT!

For those of you who don't know about our big move.....we have moved to Phoenix! Yes, Phoenix, Arizona, right into the desert! It is a completely new chapter of our lives and it is an exciting adventure for our little family. 

This will be my new blog, where you can see all of my latest work, projects and what moves me. I would appreciate you following my work and staying tuned.